Founded in 2005, the idea for both the show and workshops came from stand-up comedian for kids, James Campbell.
He knew there were thousands of comedy clubs out there, but none which catered to his biggest market. And there were plenty of drama classes with comedy on the syllabus - but never just straight stand-up comedy.

James figured that if he could make kids laugh then why can’t other comedians? And could kids as young as six be taught the stagecraft necessary to do stand-up alongside their adult counterparts?
James drafted in performer friends Melissa and Isabelle to help with the shows and workshops, and his gamble soon paid off.
Over a decade later the company has expanded from one London residency to being countrywide, running shows and workshops all over the UK, from Peebles to Portsmouth.

Listen to a report on the Comedy Academy on BBC Radio's "What's So Funny" here: mp3/comedy_club_4_kids-whats_so_funny.mp3

Outside of these regular sessions, we also do one-off workshops, sometimes commissioned by regional venues or musical festivals and sometimes by those organising kids' birthday parties. We have even done private tutoring for kids, ahead of a big performance.
Attendees are generally aged 7-15. As with the age guideline of 6+ for the shows, this is not set in stone; some younger kids can be more mature than older ones. It's mostly a question of whether they will be happy to spend a couple of hours messing around for the reward of the laughter of strangers.
Our teachers are CRB/DBS checked comics and stage professionals, who teach kids how to write and perform comedy, finding the funny in their own experiences and turning it into confidently delivered stand-up and sketches. We need a mike, a stand, and chairs for all attendees, and preferably to be in our own room. The workshops always work best in an enclosed area, whether it be a class room, theatre or tent.
Numbers wise, we've found 15ish kids is pretty much the maximum for them to get the most out of a workshop; once you're into 20+ kids there are limits on how much individual work you can do. We like to have the kids perform in front of each other, and in big groups it's too easy to get fidgety while someone else is onstage. They also don't get as much time with each teacher, so we'd likely need to bring in a third one which ups our costs.


Below are some examples of the tasks the children could be asked to do in a workshop:


If you are interested in booking the Comedy Academy 4 Kids please contact isabelle@ comedyclub4kids.co.uk

Here's some videos of some of the young standups who've started out at ComedyClub4Kids & ComedyAcademy4Kids