Three Weeks 24 August 2011

Lots of poos, wees and bums - nothing rude, then.

A cuddly compère chats happily to the children about various exploits: hunting the crown jewels, being undercover and playing football with oranges.

There are different acts for every show, and at this one we were offered the beat-boxing delights of Shlomo - who got the kids quacking and squeaking on stage - and Fringe favourites Big Howard And Little Howard, a hilarious comedy duo, part man part animated 6-year-old.

The format is fast, fun and the kids seem to love having their own chance at the adult version.

Definitely one for the diary - not least as future acts include the likes of Stephen K Amos and Rich Hall - however, though it’s a definite hit with older children, it may not be so entertaining for the under 6s.