We currently have just the one thing to buy - all our t-shirts that dissuade against evil went during the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe! - as detailed below. The books can be purchased from us online, using Paypal, or at one of our shows.


THE BOOK: How To Be An Unstoppably Amazing Comedy Genius, by Isabelle Adam - £7 inc. p&p (if in the UK, £10 if in Europe/US etc)

Learn the secrets of stand-up comedy in this new guide from Comedy Club 4 Kids; get self-confidence for free!

This hyperbolically-titled 50-page booklet is a comprehensive guide for would-be comedians that takes the reader from the key imperatives of stand-up - be original, be funny, and trust yourself - through the material-generating process, turning those notes into comedy and how to sell it to a live crowd. It is illustrated with over 90 of Isabelle's photos of the adult veterans of the Comedy Club 4 Kids live shows, from James Acaster to Zoe Lyons.

There are four sections to the booklet:

"This is a brilliant book full of great tips, hints and advice for anyone starting out in comedy… I imagine. I fell asleep while I was reading mine.” - Little Howard, the rude 6-year old animated stand-up

"A useful introduction to stand-up" - Steve Bennett, Chortle

Suitable for ages 8+. We reckon. Younger kids might need someone reading it with them, to explain things if they seem a little complicated (and to act as joke test-grounds too).

You can buy this guide from Amazon (UK), Amazon (US), Etsy and directly from us. Which is cheaper.

We will also be selling copies at some of our other UK gigs and workshops.

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