Our shows tend to follow the same basic model of one host, with two guest acts doing 10-20 minute sets, and sometimes short sets from the Comedy Academy kids too. We might even have on a grown-up act who has never gigged for a family audence before, testing the waters with a five-minute set, and possibly wondering what they're doing on a bill with an old-hand who's just nine years old.

Lots of stand-ups and sketch groups perform at the Comedy Club 4 Kids, from big names to upcoming stars. Just like any other gig, but swear-free. (Please note, not all content on comedians' own websites may be suitable for children.)

Our very own Tiernan Douieb usually compéres, introducing comics like musician Mitch Benn, the acerbic Fern Brady, trickster Otiz Cannelloni, improvisers Comedy Sportz, the darkly comic Nick Doody, gregarious adventurer Tim FitzHigham, singer Jay Foreman, ever-charming Stu Goldsmith, the self-deprecating Ivo Graham, the exuberant Lee Kyle, sketch group Late Night Geek Fight, the delightful Laura Lexx, Aussie sketch duo The Listies, occasional swan-impersonator Elf Lyons, comic and archaeologist Paul Duncan McGarrity, the giddy Pat Monahan, trickster Martin 'Bigpig' Mor, time-travelling magicians Morgan & West, improviser and rapper Eleanor Morton, improvisers Noise Next Door, rocker Andrew O'Neill, CBBC's Ed Petrie, the charming Kiri Pritchard-McLean, CBBC's Howard Read, trickster Mat Ricardo, the masterful Rich Sandling, beatboxer Shlomo, poet Joshua Seigal, John Henry Falle's Storybeast, the chipper Joe Sutherland, the off-kilter Ben Target, the laconic Luke Toulson, improviser Twig the Pixie, the cheery Ben Van Der Velde, veg orchestra player Faye Treacy, the effervescent Tessa Waters, the deft Tom Webb, snot-lecturer Joe Wells, riffmeister Paul 'Silky' White,and interactive computer-game show Wi-Fi Wars!

All doing jokes aimed at (and not at the expense of) children. And generally being great.

A few notable highlights from the last decade+ of shows include:

All photos (C) Isabelle Adam.