August 2019 - Edinburgh, Assembly Roxy, 5:35pm


Since 2005, the Comedy Club 4 Kids has been getting the best stand-ups and sketch acts from the international circuit to do their thing for an audience of children (aged 6+) and their families… but without the rude bits! A decade later, the company has expanded from one London residency to being countrywide, running shows and workshops all over the UK from Peebles to Portsmouth, even producing a book on how to write and perform stand-up. The show is family friendly, but without any patronising idiocy. In fact, it’s just like a normal comedy club, but it’s on in the day, kids are allowed in, and thus there is a higher than usual chance of the entire audience claiming to be called Bob.

Dates: Wed 31st July to Sun 18th August, Sat 24th to Sun 25th August

01/08/2019, Thursday: Laura Davis, Ivo Graham, Nick Doody

02/08/2019, Friday: Myra Dubois, Double Denim, Comedy Sportz

03/08/2019, Saturday: Helen Duff, Shlomo, The Listies

04/08/2019, Sunday: Alice Fraser, Stu Goldsmith, Noise Next Door

05/08/2019, Monday: Marcel Lucont, Eleanor Morton, Chris Tavner, Lee Kyle & Colt Cabana

06/08/2019, Tuesday: Helen Duff, John Hastings, Hector Scott-Manly, Patrick Monahan

07/08/2019, Wednesday: Amy Howerska, Thom Tuck & Colt Cabana, Hector Scott-Manly, Jonny &

The Baptists

08/08/2019, Thursday: Ada Campe, Martin Mor, Hector Scott-Manly, Comedy Sportz

09/08/2019, Friday: Stephen Halkett, Rosie Jones, Hector Scott-Manly, The Listies

10/08/2019, Saturday: Myra Dubois, Joe Sutherland, Hector Scott-Manly, Noise Next Door

11/08/2019, Sunday: Ada Campe, Shlomo, Nick Doody

12/08/2019, Monday: Laura Davis, Paul Jenkins, Caitlin Cook, The Listies

13/08/2019, Tuesday: Michael Legge, Zeroko, Hector Scott-Manly, Mitch Benn

14/08/2019, Wednesday: Amy Howerska, Mat Ricardo, Jonny & The Baptists

15/08/2019, Thursday: Marcel Lucont, Rosie Jones, Comedy Sportz

16/08/2019, Friday: Alice Fraser, John Hastings, Lee Kyle & Colt Cabana

17/08/2019, Saturday: Myra Dubois, Zeroko, Beth, Paul Duncan McGarrity

18/08/2019, Sunday: Ada Campe, Stu Goldsmith, Noise Next Door

24/08/2019, Saturday: Stephen Halkett, Stu Goldsmith, Mitch Benn

25/08/2019, Sunday: Thom Tuck & Colt Cabana, Alexander Bennett, Jonny & The Baptists,

Suitable for ages 6+.

Adults to sit with children in their party (and help explain anything they get stuck on).

Group bookings to contain at least one adult for every three kids.

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