Markus Birdman’s Watsonathon Mural

During Mark Watson’s 24 Hour charity live-streamed Watsonathon show, Markus Birdman created this Reasons To Be Cheerful world map mural.

In the 24 hours between May 1st-2nd 2020. On one massive sheet of paper. For charity & joy purposes.

The finished mural was in itself auctioned off at the end of the show, and raised over £1,000 for the three charities:

  • FareShare, who rescue good quality surplus food that would otherwise have gone to waste and sending it to almost 11,000 charity and community groups across the United Kingdom
  • The Hospice Income Generation Network, which boosts fundraising for hospices, who are in danger of being forgotten about
  • NextUp Comedy’s Heckle The Virus fund, which supports comedians who have seen all their work disappear indefinitely because of this flipping pando

It’s beautiful.

We would like you to own it, as well as the winning bidder. Hence this online shopfront. Which has already raised another grand or so for the three charities!


Sizes & Prices

Your options are:

  • £10 download of the artwork (6850 x 4877 pixels jpg)
  • £10 + £5 p&p A3 poster, in 300 gsm colour, with a free download of the artwork (6850 x 4877 pixels jpg) – UK ONLY
  • £15 + £5 p&p A2 poster, in 300 gsm colour, with a free download of the artwork (6850 x 4877 pixels jpg) – UK ONLY

If you buy more than one poster, it will be £5 p&p for all of your shopping cart. As the A2 and A3 posters will be sent out in the same tube, from one address, and shouldn’t bump up the package weight to another postal price bracket, so it seems silly to charge people more for p&p.

Markus Birdman & His 2020 Mural


How To Order A Physical Item – UK ONLY

Please choose from one of these drop-down options, and pay using PayPal. You can add an item to your cart, then click on CONTINUE SHOPPING in the top right corner to come back to this page and add something else.

Physical Prints

NB The plan is to only do one print-run of 75 of each of these items. The limited edition £50 giclees are now SOLD OUT.


How To Order The Download

You can buy the download using the PayPal button below. Alternatively, you can donate your money direct to the Watsonathon GoFundMe, ideally in the name of something like [Name] Mural, and then email your e-receipt to If it’s for £10 or more, Isabelle will send you the jpg.



If PayPal is being a pain in the hoop then you can donate your money direct to the Watsonathon GoFundMe, ideally in the name of something like [Name] Mural, and then email your e-receipt to, saying what you want.

OR send the correct amount of money by PayPal, and add a note in saying what you want. (NB If you send the money to the CC4K email it will go into the CC4K business account. Please don’t do that. That’s for books. Though do buy our books! Yay, books.)


How This Will Work

You should receive your physical copy order by the start of June, as a signed-for courier delivery. And your download muuuuch more promptly.

The posters were ordered on Sunday May 17th, and should be with Isabelle by the 22nd. They can then be packaged up and sent out to purchasers by the end of May. We have enough in stock to fulfill everyone’s order, with a few extras for purchasers who don’t yet know that the items are available (or who are themselves waiting on getting more money into their lives to be able to spend on not-food).

Markus is coordinating the fancypants giclees.

Costs so far are £51.68 for poster tubes and £109.80 for poster printing & delivery. Additional costs will be the giclees being printed, and postage for all items.

The intention is to give the charities £10+ from the A3 sales, £15+ from the A2s, and £25+ from the giclees. Hence the p&p being a fiver: that should cover all of the other costs, hopefully leaving some more pence left over that the charities can have in addition to their £10/£15/£25. Once we have sent out all of the orders, we can update this part of the page with a more detailed breakdown. But broadly, the system will be:

DOWNLOAD: You donate direct to the Watsonathon GoFundMe, from May 9th onwards, and after sending us an e-receipt of this, you are sent the download. Your money has gone direct to the three charities.

PHYSICAL COPY: You PayPal the money to us. We set aside money from your purchase to cover the costs of printing, postage and poster tubes. We donate the rest of the money as MURAL SALES (or similar wording) to the Watsonathon GoFundMe, while it’s still open. And once it has closed, we just split it three ways between the three charities.


Close-Up Goodness

Lastly, we thought you might want to see a close-up of a couple of areas on the mural itself, just to get the detail. So. Here’s the UK & France:

Markus Birdman's 2020 Mural - UK close-up


And here’s Australia. Including Aussie Rules football, as Mark requested during the 24 Hour Show itself.

Markus Birdman's 2020 Mural - Aus close-up

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