Edinburgh Line-Ups revealed!

Edinburgh Line-Ups revealed!

Posted by Isabelle Adam / on July 27th, 2019 / Categories: News

We are about to take up a residency at Edinburgh’s Assembly Roxy, for the last day in July and much of August, where we’ll be part of the Fringe Festival with 5:35pm shows of general excellence. And we have our line-ups confirmed! (Though these are obviously subject to change in case of illness family emergency, etc.)

31/07/2019, Wednesday: Michael Legge (MC), Eleanor Morton, Dominic Berry, Jonny & The Baptists

01/08/2019, Thursday: Laura Davis (MC), Ivo Graham, Nick Doody

02/08/2019, Friday: Myra Dubois (MC), Double Denim, improvisers Comedy Sportz

03/08/2019, Saturday: Helen Duff (MC), Shlomo, The Listies

04/08/2019, Sunday: Alice Fraser (MC), Stu Goldsmith, improvisers Noise Next Door

05/08/2019, Monday: Marcel Lucont (MC), Eleanor Morton, Chris Tavner, Lee Kyle & Colt Cabana

06/08/2019, Tuesday: Helen Duff (MC), John Hastings, Hector Scott-Manly (a child!), Patrick Monahan

07/08/2019, Wednesday: Amy Howerska (MC), Thom Tuck & Colt Cabana, Hector Scott-Manly (a child!), Jonny & The Baptists

08/08/2019, Thursday: Ada Campe (MC), Martin Mor, Hector Scott-Manly (a child!), improvisers Comedy Sportz

09/08/2019, Friday: Stephen Halkett (MC), Rosie Jones, Hector Scott-Manly (a child!), The Listies

10/08/2019, Saturday: Myra Dubois (MC), Joe Sutherland, Hector Scott-Manly (a child!), improvisers Noise Next Door

11/08/2019, Sunday: Ada Campe (MC), Shlomo, Nick Doody

12/08/2019, Monday: Laura Davis (MC), Paul Jenkins, Caitlin Cook, The Listies

13/08/2019, Tuesday: Michael Legge (MC), Zeroko, Hector Scott-Manly (a child!), Mitch Benn

14/08/2019, Wednesday: Amy Howerska (MC), Mat Ricardo, Jonny & The Baptists

15/08/2019, Thursday: Marcel Lucont (MC), Rosie Jones, improvisers Comedy Sportz

16/08/2019, Friday: Alice Fraser (MC), John Hastings, Lee Kyle & Colt Cabana

17/08/2019, Saturday: Myra Dubois (MC), Zeroko, Beth, Paul Duncan McGarrity

18/08/2019, Sunday: Ada Campe( MC), Stu Goldsmith, improvisers Noise Next Door


24/08/2019, Saturday: Stephen Halkett (MC), Stu Goldsmith, Mitch Benn

25/08/2019, Sunday: Thom Tuck & Colt Cabana (MC), Alexander Bennett, Jonny & The Baptists