Here’s some press for our shows, over the years…

""...An authentic club experience and a solid introduction to live comedy at the fringe... Every child in the room tittered, snorted and belly laughed through each act and their grownups didn’t feel left out. Plenty of asides went over the little heads, landing subtly with parents who can decide for themselves whether they want to explain their laughter.""
CHILDREN’S SHOWS – Comedy Club 4 Kids, - ★★★★ - Deadline News - 7th August 2019

""...plenty of full on laughs and tears of enjoyment from parents""
Families Edinburgh, - ★★★★★ - - 10th August 2017

""Comedy Club 4 Kids is a staple of a comedy loving parent’s fringe... I genuinely laughed until I cried.""
Comedy Club 4 Kids 4****, - ★★★★ - One4Review - 9th August 2017

""If you’re missing a comedy hit, some of the biggest comedians at the Fringe give up their time to squeeze in an extra show aimed at kids aged six-plus. In the past, folk performing strictly pre-watershed material have included Nish Kumar, Josh Widdicombe and Phil Jupitus dressed up as a panda.""
Cat Cubie’s pick of the best Edinburgh Fringe kids shows for 2017, Glasgow Live - 8th August 2017

""Comedy shows for youngsters over the age of 6. These events are tailored to amuse children, while still appealing to a grown-up sense of humour.""
10 events for children this summer in Edinburgh, Eventful Stays - 25th July 2017

""This show provides a variety of the international circuit’s best stand-ups, cabaret stars and sketch acts to perform for a family audience.""
Best Edinburgh Fringe shows to keep the kids interested, The Scotsman - 19th July 2017

"Nish Kumar, James Acaster, Tom Allen and Bec Hill are among the big-name comics giving up an hour of their time to bring comedy to the juvenile masses; an inspired idea, this, of a nursery-slope club event, and it’s almost always of equal delight for parents too."
The 50 best shows to see at the 2016 Edinburgh Festival and Fringe, The Telegraph - 5th August 2016

Tiernan Douieb: Comedy Club 4 Kids Interview, This Week London - 3rd September 2015

"I’ve said it before, and I will say it again: this is fabulous diversion for everyone who attends."
Edinburgh Fringe 2015 Review, - ★★★★★ - Three Weeks - 31st August 2015

"This show is a great format for introducing children to the worlds of comedy, cabaret, theatre and live music. Short enough to keep younger minds focused, varied enough to ensure there's something for everyone, and participative enough to keep the adults on their toes."
Review – Comedy Club 4 Kids – Grassington Festival, Yorkshire Times - 22nd June 2015

Christmas shows that are funny for all the family, The Independent - 4th December 2014

31 Of The Best Heckles From Children, Buzzfeed - 28th September 2014

Edinburgh Fringe 2014, - ★★★★ - Three Weeks - 22nd August 2014

"an 11 year old just made an excellent joke about Tibet and I still can’t get this out of my head."
Comedy Club 4 Kids – Edinburgh Fringe, - ★★★★ - Broadway Baby - 9th August 2014

"the ethos is just right"
Edinburgh Festival 2013, - ★★★★ - The Telegraph - 24th August 2013

"Having delivered funny stuff for 6-plus’s to laugh at for nearly a decade at the Fringe, Comedy Club 4 Kids is now a well-established, must-see item on most children’s Festival wish-list."
Comedy Club 4 Kids Review, - ★★★★ - Edinburgh Guide - 14th August 2013

""really funny""
Really Funny, - ★★★★★ - Fest Mag - 9th August 2013

""We were treated to a side splitting hour of stand-up… There was no compromise in the quality of the stand up and the brilliant thing was that the comedians didn't patronise the kids.""
A side splitting hour of stand-up, - ★★★★ - Broadway Baby - 6th August 2013

Edinburgh Fringe: Stand-up comedy is child’s play, BBC Online - 6th August 2013

"This is probably the daddy of them all."
Edinburgh 10 x10 – 1. Comedy Club 4 Kids, Chortle - 22nd July 2013

""There was enough on this occasion for all to enjoy. Crucially, despite the absence of rude material, this did not feel like a watered down comedy show – the acts don’t give the feeling of having strained to come up with stuff appropriate for children. It’s a lovely, natural atmosphere and a good family afternoon out.""
CC4K at The Edinburgh Fringe 2012, - ★★★★ - Scotsgay - 16th August 2012

Comedy Club 4 Kids – Edinburgh 2011, Three Weeks - 25th August 2011

" You won't be disappointed with this show."
You won’t be disappointed with this show., - ★★★★ - - 22nd August 2011

Edinburgh comedy notebook, The Guardian - 16th August 2011

Audience Review by The McNaughtons, - ★★★ - Edinburgh Spotlight - 13th August 2011

"It’s just that: comedy! Funny, hilarious, silly, they’re all words to describe the Comedy Club 4 Kids!"
Comedy Club 4 Kids at The Bongo Club, - ★★★★ - The Daily Dust - 5th August 2011

BROADWAY BABY – AUDIENCE REVIEW, - ★★★★ - Broadway Baby - 4th August 2011

"a typical comedy club night, complete with heckling and banter but without the swearing (and with more poo jokes)"
The Guardian’s 10 Best Shows for Kids, The Guardian - 24th August 2010

" Comedy Club 4 Kids (★★★★★), held at The Bongo Club is a perfect choice"
The children’s choice, - ★★★★★ - The Telegraph - 26th August 2009

Comedy Club 4 Kids – Edinburgh 2009, One4Review - 22nd August 2009

""lovely and very funny""
DOING IT FOR THE KIDS, Fest Mag - 16th August 2009

Kidz Comedy Club returns to the Guildhall, Explore Gloucestershire - 10th September 2008

"A great show and probably, like youth itself, too good to be wasted on kids."
Comedy Club 4 Kids | South Street arts centre | Reading | 10.02.08, - 11th February 2008

"once at the Comedy Club 4 Kids, helpless laughter replaced grumpiness... The jokes were really funny and not at all patronising."
Edinburgh festival for kids, The Telegraph - 22nd August 2007

"All in all this show was great. It is laugh-your-socks-off comedy fit for the whole family, including parents and grandparents. Nobody will feel left out."
You’ll laugh your socks off, - ★★★★ - The Scotsman - 20th August 2007

Young guns of stand-up take the mic, The Independent - 27th May 2005

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