We have a podcast! You can listen to our Radio Nonsense below or on Acast, iTunes , Spotify  or wherever you or your parents get podcasts from. And you should. It is fun, free, and extremely silly.

For each episode, we get important questions in from listeners, and then put them to the very best children’s comedians. Who will happily waffle on in search of a reasonable & gigglish answer. Hooray!

If you would like to join in, we would love for you to suggest:

a) Sentences to start and end a show with.

b) A topic/question for the comics to discuss.

c) Any jokes you have written, and want the comics to read out.

Please send them to: podcast@comedyclub4kids.co.uk

And include your name and age, so we can credit you!

NB If you want to tip us, you can do so via Ko-Fi, and we’ll pass the money on to the guests.

SEASON 4, EPISODE 31: Why is gold not man made? With Helen Duff

SEASON 4, EPISODE 30: When Am Jellyfish? With Howard Read

SEASON 4, EPISODE 29: If you were to make a supermarket, what would you sell? With Charlie Vero-Martin

SEASON 4, EPISODE 28: What are your favourite chip flavours? With Sami Abu Wardeh

SEASON 4, EPISODE 27: Does poo poo poo poo poo poo poo? With Olaf Falafal

SEASON 4, EPISODE 26: Why do you have to start with a bike without gears but gears make it easier to ride a bike? With Nat Luurtsema

SEASON 4, EPISODE 25: Who was the first person born in the world of cake? With Andrew O’Neill

SEASON 4, EPISODE 24: Is it socially acceptable for a dog to fart? With Javier Jarquin

SEASON 4, EPISODE 23: Where is my pizza? With Ola Labib

SEASON 4, EPISODE 22: Why do monkeys like bananas? With Stephen Halkett

SEASON 4, EPISODE 21: Why do Lego not make BIIIIIIG bum pieces? With Eleri Morgan

SEASON 4, EPISODE 20: Why do you burp? With Sikisia

SEASON 4, EPISODE 19: How do you make a podcast? With Matt Kirshen

SEASON 4, EPISODE 18: What is bee bottoms???????????? With Ruth Bratt

SEASON 4, EPISODE 17: How Dose Soup Eat Soup? With Joe Wells


SEASON 4, EPISODE 16: Why doesn’t poo talk anymore? With Yuriko Kotani?

SEASON 4, EPISODE 15: Why are flip-flops????? With James Campbell

SEASON 4, EPISODE 14: Why Lego so small? With Bilal Zafar

SEASON 4, EPISODE 13: Can my house eat me? With Ed Petrie

SEASON 4, EPISODE 12: What would happen if we switched lives with mice? With Athena Kugblenu

SEASON 4, EPISODE 11: Why Don’t Chickens Fly? with Bron and Sean at Comedy Sportz

SEASON 4, EPISODE 10: Where are my trousers? What is that yak doing? With Matt Highton

SEASON 4, EPISODE 9: Who Invented The Word Fart? With Alison Spittle


SEASON 4, EPISODE 8: What If Cats Were The Colours Of The Rainbow? With Bethany Black

SEASON 4, EPISODE 7: What If You Sneezed Poop? With Matt Green

SEASON 4, EPISODE 6: How Do Hotdogs Communicate With Lego? With Katie Pritchard

SEASON 4, EPISODE 5: Why Are Flats Called Flats If They’re Aren’t Flat? With Keith Farnan

SEASON 4, EPISODE 4: What Is The Deal With Socks?!?!?!? With Esyllt Sears


SEASON 4, EPISODE 3: Why Do Meerkat Want To Be Tall? With Luke Rollason

SEASON 4, EPISODE 2: Why Are Bananas Yellow? With Duncan Oakley

SEASON 4, EPISODE 1: Why Is The Name Bob So Funny? With Vix Leyton


SEASON 3, EPISODE 21: What If Food Came Burnt And Ovens Uncooked It? With Sukh Ojla

SEASON 3, EPISODE 20: Why is the news so boring? With Ken Cheng

SEASON 3, EPISODE 19: Why do they play rubbish music in shops? With Tim Fitzhigham

SEASON 3, EPISODE 18: If letters were either even or odd, which letters would be even and which letters would be odd? With Joz Norris

SEASON 3, EPISODE 17: What if video games sucked you in? With Stuart Laws

SEASON 3, EPISODE 16: Cyborgs and Buttuxedos with Iszi Lawrence

SEASON 3, EPISODE 15: Falling Tree Noises With Ben Target

SEASON 3, EPISODE 14: Earwax!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? With Eleanor Morton

SEASON 3, EPISODE 13: Why TV Gone? With Jonny And The Baptists

SEASON 3, EPISODE 12: Why Don’t Sticks Walk Or Talk? With Rosie Jones

SEASON 3, EPISODE 11: Giraffe Tongues, Nose Hairs and Elephant Sneezes with Nick Doody

SEASON 3, EPISODE 10: Why Do People Hate Tomatoes? With Ruby and Rachel aka Shelf Comedy

SEASON 3, EPISODE 9: Why Are Trees Always In The Way? With Luke Toulson

SEASON 3, EPISODE 8: Why Are Farts Called Farts? With Ada Campe

SEASON 3, EPISODE 7: How Are Dollies And Babies Made? With Will Duggan

SEASON 3, EPISODE 6: What If Instruments Played Themselves? With Silky

SEASON 3, EPISODE 5: What If You Were A Robot? With Sooz Kempner

SEASON 3, EPISODE 4: The Mega Poo Episode With Athena Kugblenu

SEASON 3, EPISODE 3: Who Stole My Meatballs? With the Noise Next Door

SEASON 3, EPISODE 2: Why Do Kids Find Poop Funny? And Tales or Tails of Gus The Mouse, with Abigoliah Schamaun

SEASON 3 BEGINS! EPISODE 1: Party Poopers, Flying Pigs and all the Question Marks with Stuart Goldsmith

SUMMER HOLIDAY SPECIAL: Annoying Voice, Seagull Calling, Winnie The-The and Dragon Food with The Listies

SEASON 2, Episode 11: Bird Poo Controls The Night with Helen Duff

SEASON 2, EPISODE 10: Cat Burgling Mess Making Woolly Green Poo Monsters with Mr Fibbers

SEASON 2, EPISODE 9: WHY ARE LEAVES? With Eleanor Morton

SEASON 2, EPISODE 8: The Circle Of Fish with John-Luke Roberts

SEASON 2, EPISODE 7: Colin The Horse with The Storybeast

SEASON 2, EPISODE 6: Never Scare Ducks and Travelling To The Future with Bec Hill

SEASON 2, EPISODE 5: Norman and His Big Bum, with Howard, Samson and Mabel Read

SEASON 2, EPISODE 4: Why Does Healthy Food Make You Fart? with Ed Petrie

SEASON 2, EPISODE 3: Green Fuzz Slippers and Birthday Sick with Thom Tuck

SEASON 2, EPISODE 2: Why Does Sweetcorn Come Out In Poo? With Laura Lexx

SEASON 2, EPISODE 1: Who Killed All The Dragons? With Lucy Pearman

SEASON 2 TRAILER: School’s closed? Radio Nonsense Is Here To Help!

SEASON 1, EPISODE 7: Christmas Nonsense with Bec Hill and Howard Read

SEASON 1, EPISODE 6: Shop Talk, Dinosaur Names and What Am Grapes? With Ed Petrie and Sampson and Mabel Read

SEASON 1, EPISODE 5: Holidays, Haunted Cheese Vauxhall Merivas and The Origins Of Football with Helen Duff and Matt Green

SEASON 1, EPISODE 4: Bears, The Mark Conspiracy and Spreading Jam On People’s Heads with Matthew Highton and John Henry Falle aka The Storybeast

SEASON 1, EPISODE 3: Who Poop In The Crib, Famous Lizards, Breadsticks and Would You Rather with Ben Ven Der Velde and Ada Campe

SEASON 1, EPISODE 2: Drilling Into The Earth’s Core, Trains and Camembert with Paul Duncan McGarrity and A.Water Bottle

SEASON 1, EPISODE 1: Wobbly Teeth, Toilets and Kinder Eggs with Bec Hill and Jay Foreman


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