We have a podcast! You can listen to our Radio Nonsense below or on Acast, iTunes , Spotify  or whereever you or your parents get podcasts from. And you should. It is fun, free, and extremely silly.

For each episode, we get important questions in from listeners, and then put them to the very best children’s comedians. Who will happily waffle on in search of a reasonable & gigglish answer. Hooray!

If you would like to join in, we would love for you to suggest:

a) Sentences to start and end a show with.

b) A topic/question for the comics to discuss.

c) Any jokes you have written, and want the comics to read out.

Please send them to: podcast@comedyclub4kids.co.uk

And include your name and age, so we can credit you!




EPISODE 1: Wobbly Teeth, Toilets and Kinder Eggs with Bec Hill and Jay Foreman

EPISODE 2: Drilling Into The Earth’s Core, Trains and Camembert with Paul Duncan McGarrity and A.Water Bottle

EPISODE 3: Who Poop In The Crib, Famous Lizards, Breadsticks and Would You Rather with Ben Ven Der Velde and Ada Campe

EPISODE 4: Bears, The Mark Conspiracy and Spreading Jam On People’s Heads with Matthew Highton and John Henry Falle aka The Storybeast

EPISODE 5: Holidays, Haunted Cheese Vauxhall Merivas and The Origins Of Football with Helen Duff and Matt Green

EPISODE 6: Shop Talk, Dinosaur Names and What Am Grapes? With Ed Petrie and Sampson and Mabel Read


EPISODE 7: Christmas Nonsense with Bec Hill and Howard Read







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