Watsonathon Merch

Watsonathon Merch

Posted by Isabelle Adam / on May 9th, 2020 / Categories: News

We now have a mural for sale in the Merch section.

Almost entirely unconnected to CC4K.

Our lovely producer & general wizard Isabelle was one of the team helming Mark Watson’s live-streamed 24 Hour Show, from May 1st-2nd 2020.

As part of that, Markus Birdman drew a Reasons To Be Cheerful world map mural, over the course of the show. Night and day and night again.

It is beautiful.

You can now buy a copy of it from us here, with all the profits going to the three charities: FareShare, the Hospice Income Generation Network, and NextUp Comedy’s Heckle The Virus Fund.